Scene 1                       Jesus enters Jerusalem

Jesus enters Jerusalem with his Disciples and is greeted with great jubilation from the crowds. The high priests and Pilate observe sceptically.


Scene 2                       The clearing of the temple

Jesus throws the traders out of the temple.

Jesus encounters the adulteress and the madman.


Scene 3                       The feast at Bethany

Jesus is anointed. Barabbas and his cohorts try to get Jesus to join the resistance.


Scene 4                       Farewell to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Jesus bids farewell to his mother Mary.


Scene 5                       The decision of the High Priests

The High Priests decide on Jesus’ fate.

Judas offers to betray Jesus.


Scene 6                       Farewell to Mary Magdalena

Jesus bids farewell to Mary Magdalene and reveals the future to her


Scene 7                       The last supper

Jesus meets with his Disciples, the women and all mankind for the last supper.


The Interval


Scene 8                       Jesus is arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus is distraught on the Mount of Olives and is arrested.


Scene 9                       Jesus before the high priests

The high priests aspire to have Jesus killed.


Scene 10                     Jesus before Pontius Pilate

Pilate listens to Jesus and sends him to Herod.


Scene 11                     Jesus before Herod

Herod confesses to Jesus. He doesn’t sentence him.


Scene 12                     Jesus returns in front of  Pilate

Pilate pronounces Jesus’ death sentence.


Scene 13                     The way of the cross

Jesus drags his cross to Golgatha.


Scene 14                     Jesus is crucifies and dies

Jesus dies on the cross



Scene 15                     The Resurrection

Mary Magdalene meets the risen lord.

Jesus’ message will be spread.

“I’ll be with you always until the end of time!”