During the 400-year anniversary, all visitors can visit the Jubilee Exhibition in the art room of the passion play house free of charge.

In this exhibition we want to give the guests an insight into the 400-year history of Passion Play and a peek behind the scenes.


Highlights of the exhibition will be:

- Passion Play homes in Erl (models, drawings, architectural surveys, etc.)

- Artists of each performance year

- Development of the costumes / scenes / Stage

- Drawn scenes of Prof. Oswald Kollreider

- "The Way of the Cross "by Silke Bosbach (for more information see below)

The anniversary exhibition is open from 05/26/2013 to 05/10/2013 at eachperformance day.

Responsible for the Jubilee Exhibition:

Christoph Esterl

Passionsspielverein Erl


0043 680/507 80 29


The textile artist Silke Bosbach presents its "Way of the Cross - The 14 Stations of the Passion of Jesus" .It is part of the anniversary exhibition in 2013.

In a poignant way, the textile artist and author Silke Bosbach from Overath / Germany has created a 14-piece, strong informative textile crucifixion, which show the way of Jesus from condemnation by Pontius Pilate to the crucifixion and burial.

In the textile work Bosbach shows new techniques of textile finishes, which she combines skilfully traditional. These include layers, shrink techniques and embroidery.

Contact: Silke Bosbach, Landwehr 44, D-51491 Overath